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Eli Roth reżyseruje Killer Shark Movie MEG

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This week marks the 40th birthday of Szczęki, which was originally released into theaters on June 20th, 1975. The Spielberg classic returns to theaters this weekend in celebration, and now it looks like we’re soon going to have a brand new killer shark movie to enjoy on the big screen.

Odmiana broke the exciting news tonight that Gorączka kabiny/Schronisko director Eli Roth is in talks to direct an adaptation of the New York Times best-seller Meg: Powieść o głębokim strachu for Warner Bros., a long-gestating project that has been in various stages of development for nearly two decades.

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The book, written by Steve Alten, is about a massive prehistoric shark. The story revolves around two men who band together to neutralize an ancient shark that’s threatening the California coast. The Megaladon, considered one of the largest and most powerful predators in history, can reach a maximum length of 60 feet.

Both Disney and New Line Cinema had previously attempted to adapt Alten’s novel, and at one point in time Guillermo del Toro was attached. The new script was written by Dean Georgaris, and it was just a few weeks back that we learned Warner Bros. was putting the adaptation on the fast-track.

Meg został opisany jako „Jurassic Park with a shark,” so we can only assume that the record-shattering success of Jurassic World has a little something to do with today’s announcement. Fans of the novel have for years felt that an adaptation could make sharks scary again, and I’m thinking Roth is the perfect man for the job.

This is what I call good news, friends.

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